Forest Grove is an outreach-oriented church. We believe that our help is needed here in our own congregation, the local community and throughout the world. We believe as Jesus said in Luke 10:2.  “ “the harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few;  therefore ask the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.”

Deacon’s Ministry

“It is the duty of Deacons, first of all, to minister to those who are in need, to the sick, to the friendless, and to any who may be in distress both within and beyond the community of faith.  They shall assume such other duties as may be delegated to them from time to time by the Session, such as leading the people in worship through prayers of intercession, reading the Scriptures, presenting the gifts of the people, and assisting with the Lord’s Supper.” – The PC (USA) Book of Order

Our Deacons

  • Visit and periodically deliver flowers to the sick and homebound
  • Provide meals to those who are recovering from surgery or illness
  • Provide a reception following a Memorial Service
  • Provide emergency financial assistance to church and community members who contact the church for help with essentials such as medical, utility and car repair bills
  • Pray for the welfare of those in need

Advent Mission 2022

Our mission committee has decided to take part in the “Don’t Give Up Movement.” It was started by Amy Wolff, a woman in Oregon. After hearing about the suicide rates in her community, Amy knew she had to do something. The idea of creating encouraging yard signs floated around her head for some time. In May 2017, she had 20 signs made; here are some examples of what the signs say: YOU ARE ENOUGH, YOU ARE WORTHY OF LOVE, DON’T GIVE UP, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. She asked her neighbors if they would be willing to display the signs on their lawn for 2 weeks. The telephone calls started the next day. People wanted to know where they could get signs for their lawn. The response was big. Within a few days, her community ordered over 150 signs. In the Fall of 2018, they became a 501(c)(3) non-profit. By the time her book, Signs of Hope, was published in 2021, she was shipping to 50 states and 26 countries.

We all want to do our part in making the world a better place. That’s why our Rise Against Hunger projects have been such a success. That’s why one of our teenagers asked after participating in RAH, can we do another project like that? That’s why we chose this project. We all have moments when we need an encouraging word, a smile, a lift. In this season of hope, peace, joy and love, join us spreading an encouraging word.

Here’s what you can do. Small cards have been printed with words of affirmation. You can take a stack of twenty-four and pass them to those you meet in your coming and going, like the grocery store clerk, the person who stands in front of you in line, and/or the person who delivers your Amazon packages. You can get more cards if you run out.
We are also printing lawn signs with words of affirmation. If you are willing and able, please take a two-sided sign and place it on your lawn where passers-by will see it.

Both the cards and the signs will be available at the church in the back vestibule. Help yourself. We will never know what impact these messages will have, but even if it makes a difference for one, it will be worth it. If nothing else, it will send to the world a positive message in the midst of so much negativity.

Local Missions

FISH:  Following the example of Jesus Christ by helping the poorest and weakest members of the community, FISH provides emergency assistance to people in need when no other timely assistance is available.  Help is provided regardless of religious affiliation, race, gender or any other personal factor.

Doylestown Food Pantry: Non-parishable food items are collected and donated on a regular basis.

Missions Beyond Our Local Community

Imparare Giocando (Italian Children’s Fund, Naples, Italy): Impoverished children are given a safe place to go after school that also provides homework assistance and nutrition.

Forest Grove’s PC (USA) Missions

Camp Kirkwood:  This Presbyterian camp offers Christian camping during the summer as well as offers retreat facilities in the off-season.

Community Cup at Tree of Life Presbyterian Church. This Coffeehouse, hosted by the congregation in Philadelphia, is specifically designed as a communal space for young adults and adults with disabilities and their families and caregivers. It’s a place to build friendships and just have a fun night out. Each week there is food, fun and great live music.

Beacon New Church Development:  Located in the Kensington area of Philadelphia, this New church Development is a neighborhood faith community that invites people of all ages to grow together through arts, learning, and faith.

Presbytery of Philadelphia, Synod of the Trinity, and General Assembly Missions:  Local, national and international missions supported by our denominational higher governing bodies.

Christmas Joy Offering: An annual offering received at Christmas that is used for PC(USA) church workers and their families in need and racial ethnic schools and colleges of the PC(USA) for scholarship funding.

One Great Hour of Sharing: Since 1949 Presbyterians have joined with millions of other Christians through One Great Hour of Sharing to share God’s love with those in need. Contributions assist those affected by natural disasters, provide food to the hungry, and help build strong communities.

Forest Grove’s Special Projects

Summer Mission Trip: Youth and adults from the congregation travel to different areas of the country to complete service projects usually including housing rehabilitation and/or new construction for low income families.

The Church Has Left the Building: On the first Sunday in November, all regular Sunday morning activities are suspended in order that the congregation might go out to engage in a variety of mission project.  These include: sharing God’s word in song to residents of a nearby continuing care facility, making pillowcase dresses for children in Africa, Soup for the frail elderly in our area, work at the local food pantry, minor house repairs for elderly church members and neighbors, building improvement at the Beacon New Church Development, assemble health kits for Church World Service, make blankets for the Red Cross and many more.  All age levels participate.

Special Monthly Mission Project: During the  fourth Friday of October, November, January, February, March and April, an intergenerational fellowship and mission event is held from 6:00 – 8:00.  Participants are invited to learn about and engage in projects for local missions.  Examples of these include assistance for homeless youth through Synergy Project, the local ASPCA shelter, outreach to college students, creating items needed for A Woman’s Place.

“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”

The Great Commission – Matthew 28:19-20